Hello.  My Name is Willy Nicholas.  Recently i have found myself making furniture.  In the past you'd find me hunched over a desk creating abstract pen and ink drawings.  I still love to draw, but right now i am fully emerging myself in the craft of furniture making.  I am currently studying furniture at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.  I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn more.


I am extremely thankful for my upbringing.  My immediate family all of who are artists and designers, have lead me in the direction that i am heading.  Raised in Skokie, IL just outside of Chicago, i am now living in the city of San Francisco and am loving every minute of it.  When i am not in the wood-shop, you can find me exploring the beautiful diversity in the landscapes that California has to offer.  Exploring is what drives me, it keeps me inspired, and ultimately allows me to stay happy.  Whether i'm hiking, riding my bike or riding  my unicycle, i am constantly finding new places that propel me and my practice forward.